the 2009 peachtree-walk-i-mean-run race

The Peachtree 10k  is in two weeks and the farthest distance Tim and I have run together is 3 miles.

Which isn’t even HALFWAY.

Actually, I know what’s going on here.  You see, the first year Tim ran the Peachtree with me, we trained like wild banshees.  We didn’t miss a single scheduled run.  Not one.  Tim had not run any “distance” since high school….which was a long time ago….and we had a few mental hurdles to overcome…mostly just “six-miles-is-a-ridiculous-distance-there-is-NO-WAY-hell-will-freeze-over-first.”  But we got over that and made it though the whole race – running all 6.2 miles.  The second year, we wanted to beat our time, still had the go get ’em attitude and finished in under an hour (which, by the way, is GOOD for us.  We’re slow. So don’t go knocking down our accomplishment you sub-eight-minute-ers.  Let us be happy).

Last year…training was a little slack and we ended up finishing slower than the first year (Tim was none too pleased).

This year…Training?…What?

And it’s all because mentally, we both know we CAN run 6.2 miles…I mean, we JUST ran a half marathon in April!….But we have forgotten one tiny detail.  Our bodies aren’t exactly ready for that…but our brain believes otherwise.

Runners Amnesia or something…

Tim calls me today on his way to work and says, “I think we may be WALKING the Peachtree this year.”

Me: “What? Nooo….We’re not walking!”

Tim: “Walk breaks, then?”

I had no response for that….because I cannot WALK any race.  Its a RACE.  YOU DON’T WALK.  I didn’t walk the last few miles of the full marathon I ran – even though my entire lower half was revolting and I had to keep telling myself that laying in a pile of leaves was NOT better than finishing.

I can’t walk.  We’re not walking.

Go big or go home. 

And no crying.


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