remember the letter i faxed to apple coo timothy cook? he responded.

The AT&T story…continues to get more interesting. 

We picked up a voice mail this morning.

From Apple.

From Apple’s Executive Team.

Calling on behalf of COO Timothy Cook.

The Timothy Cook rumored to take over Apple.

In response to my letter.

Since they called…which I didn’t expect to happen…I figure I’ll go ahead and post my letter.  See whatever it is they saw.  I won’t be able to speak with them until Monday…so we’ll all be hanging in suspense until then.

Dear Mr. Cook,

I am not usually one to take away one’s time but in light of my recent and still ongoing issues with AT&T regarding my iPhone 3GS order, I felt that you should be aware of how badly AT&T has botched, and still cannot resolve, our order for two Apple iPhone 3GS phones.  My husband and I have always been Verizon Wireless customers and only switched to AT&T because of the iPhone.

I do not suspect, nor do I believe, that Apple is responsible for the cancellation of our two separate orders, both input manually by AT&T employees.  However, due to the inability of the departments within AT&T to resolve our issue and after countless hours on the phone with AT&T, I decided to send an email to AT&T’s CEO, Randall Stephenson, expressing my extreme frustration, disappointment and concern.  We were immediately contacted by a member of the Executive Response Team due to the severity of our issue.

The errors and mistakes made by AT&T were discovered on Monday, June 15, 2009.  As of today, June 17, 2009, we still do not have a resolution or an order for our iPhones.  We placed our original order before the iPhone 3GS pre-order sales sold out and our iPhones were reserved and slated to be delivered with the first shipment receiving iPhones this week.  Now, due to the numerous errors by AT&T, we are not even on a list to receive an iPhone, period.

All of the headache revolving around this issue began with a typo by AT&T employee while inputting our order and has since mushroomed into a cancellation of half of the order with the typo, erroneously porting over one phone number from Verizon, thus disconnecting service to one of our cell phones, the cancellation of the second order with the corrected phone number to port over and no explanation as to why any of this happened.  As you can imagine, we are less than pleased.

We were very much looking forward to the iPhones, however we are not looking forward to the substandard service attached.  We hope that the iPhone will soon be available through other service providers, as we will be switching from AT&T at the first opportunity we have.

I apologize to take away from your time better spent in other areas, as I know you are very busy.  However, I felt that Apple should be aware of the appalling service customers utilizing Apple products must endure simply to enjoy the use of the iPhone.

Crazy – two phone calls in the span on FIVE DAYS….from the Executive groups of two EXTREMELY large companies…

What are the odds?


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