the at&t “resolution”

The mini-drama that is AT&T has almost reached an end.

We FINALLY have and order…but no confirmation number or email… This is ORDER NUMBER THREE.  Hopefully the third time is a charm…wait…never mind.  Lets not jinx it.


The voice mail setup on my loaner phone doesn’t work…so no one can leave a message…because there is no voice mail associated with my phone number. Follow the circular logic?

dhill1960 – I’m getting all of your email so if you’re reading: You’ve got a message from QVC and your parents are concerned – you haven’t been responding.  Oh – and just say NO to junk mail…my loaner buzzes every two minutes with some new “SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER!”

I am EXHAUSTED from dealing with it.  All of it.  I did fax a letter to Timothy Cook today.  Hopefully he heeds the message…because I’m not sending it again.

And, instead of droning on and on and ON about the disaster known as AT&T, I’ve decided instead to do a little Q&A with the phrases people typed into search engines over the past few days that popped up on my “Top Searches.”  Looks like I’m not alone. Surprised?  No?  Me either.

premier iphone backorder” : Well, if you’re asking IF they are back-ordered, the answer is yes – so much so that my Executive Response Team Rep had to sell her first born just to get an order in for us.

att screwed me over” : Me too.  My advice?  Try writing a letter to the CEO.  It may get you farther than the Porting, Sales, Premier and Customer Service Departments ever will – for you see, their level of comprehension is limited to ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses.

att premier preorders now backorders” : Yes.  How right you are. If anyone DOES get their iPhone on time, as promised – please, let me know.

white executive response att” : I have no idea if there is a white one…or green or blue…but the Executive Response Team definitely exists…I can at least attest to that.  And it seems they are the only ones actually allowed to make decisions and clean up the mess…

att will porting affect my ship” : Um…check out my reeling post.  Then you decide.  Because if your experience has been anything like mine…I feel your pain.  Literally.  Since Monday I’ve had random muscles involuntarily twitching and I believe I’ve removed one third of the hair on the left side of my head.

Oh – AND to top it all off – I received a bill today from a doctor from 2008

For almost $300. 

For procedures I’ve NEVER had. 

Because I think I would REMEMBER something like having a urine sample done WITH A SCOPE.

I feel like I’m stuck in a bad movie.  The one where you are screaming at the TV…begging…almost willing the guy to just catch a break… because the amount of shit piling up has gotten too painful to watch.


5 Responses to “the at&t “resolution””

  1. 1 Brian June 18, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    My partner refuses to leave AT&T Wireless, even though I have Verizon and like it so much better. I finally talked him into upgrading his 6-year-old phone the other day and adding text messaging. We went to the AT&T wireless store, where the airhead behind the counter struggled with every step of the process. She couldn’t figure out how to transfer his contacts to the new SIM card. She spent about 15 minutes trying over and over before a coworker came and did the procedure in about 2 minutes. We asked her to add the $5/month texting plan to the phone, but when he called the next day to make sure she did it, it turned out that she had added a $30/month unlimited data plan on top of his regular bill.

    So, yeah. I feel your pain. AT&T sucks. I don’t understand why the government broke them up and then let them rejoin. Makes no sense.

  2. 2 kkktookmybabyaway June 20, 2009 at 8:14 am

    LOL @ the doctor bill. When it rains it pours.

    If you don’t laugh at this, you’ll probably cry.

    • 3 Jessica June 20, 2009 at 8:47 am

      I want to laugh…I do… Right now I just want to storm into the doctor’s office and demand an explanation whilst ripping files from shelves and throwing them in every direction, asking if they were NOW in some kind of order where they could manage to keep patients visits bills separated…since the current method doesn’t seem to work.

  3. 4 Alex James July 17, 2009 at 3:31 pm

    I’m Canadian, which means the doctor’s bills thing doesn’t apply to me (luckily), but I spent some time engaged to a woman in Texas with chronic sinus problems. We were nearly killed sitting in a waiting room at a local clinic, hoping to get seen, while a TORNADO raged outside. We didn’t take cover because we were afraid of losing our place in line. Man, your country is not a great deal of fun sometimes.

    • 5 Jessica July 17, 2009 at 3:55 pm

      No – it really isn’t much fun at times. Try visiting a major city (like Atlanta, for instance) during rush hour and you’ll wish you had ripped off your arm and beat yourself with it instead of dealing with the insanity that results in NOT MOVING AN INCH FOR TWENTY MINUTES BECAUSE SOMEONE TWO CARS AHEAD OF YOU JUST DIDN’T FEEL LIKE MOVING.

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