at&t mini update

I can’t post a full, finalized, problem resolved, crisis averted update because well, we’ve already gone past crisis level…and it still isn’t over.

We have not gotten any farther in our ” if AT&T could screw up, they found a way” mishap.

When will we receive our iPhones?

That is the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION right now. 

Because they have NO IDEA.

Why is that?  Because we STILL don’t HAVE AN ORDER WITH AT&T.

But wait…we DID have an order.  We have already had TWO.


Why?  No one knows.  No one can figure out WHY it happened.

But, of course, they are doing EVERYTHING possible…

The only “possible” I want to hear is that we’ll get our iPhones as promised the FIRST TIME.

I have a better shot a winning the lottery right now than getting back on the list to actually GET A PHONE.

I’m definitely not holding my breath hoping for a miracle.

I’ve already decided to email Apple…let them know they need to jump the AT&T ship because it is sinking…with no hope for survivors because  once Verizon can sell iPhones…guess where we’re going?

Right. Back. To. VERIZON. 

Along with everyone else.  And there are not enough hands and buckets to shovel AT&T out of the disaster they have on deck.

We’ve already decided that we’ll pay the fee to break the contract.

Because this is…beyond ridiculous.

It really is too bad I’m not famous.  Because I’d bet this wouldn’t even BE an issue.  Actually, I probably would already HAVE THE PHONE and a million apologies and free service for life because right now AT&T cannot afford to have someone of influence black list their services.

Oh – on whatever kind of note you want to put this…because I’d put it in a small, tiny, hard to read box the size of a gnat… my refurbished “loaner phone” came today.

I was told last night it would arrive in the afternoon. 

And instead it came at 8:30am.

Good thing we checked the FedEx website at 5:00am this morning and Tim agreed to stay home and wait for it because I was already at work.

But hey – I have a phone now, right?

No, wait…ANOTHER hiccup in our already disastrous experience: They forgot to write down the sim card chip number.  So I had to LEAVE work to go home and call my little Executive Response person so she could set everything up.

I did that.  Thought I was good to go with my little sad-excuse-for-an-apology-refurb-loaner.

THEN I tried to do something simple like set up the voice mail and got a “Supplementary Service Error” and had to call her back.  AGAIN.

Anyone have Apple’s executive email list?


4 Responses to “at&t mini update”

  1. 1 spookwright June 17, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    Tim Cook is Apple’s COO. 408-996-1010(tel) 408-974-2113(fax).

    Send him a letter via fax.

  2. 3 Breeza June 17, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    I hate cell phone companies. I use Sprint and they have been pretty good to me for the last almost 7 years.

  1. 1 the chairman « booshy Trackback on September 6, 2009 at 1:54 pm

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