star trek…not just for trekkies

All you “Trekkies” can go ahead and get out the utter shock of disbelief: I have never seen a single episode of Star Trek.  Not one.  Not even part of one.  It never really appealed to me… and I thought it was for nerdy people, anyway.  And I had decided early on that I was a jock, not a nerd (granted I have found I just suppressing the nerd in me…).

So you can imagine my elation when Tim, member of said Trekkies, wanted to go see the Star Trek movie.

When he bounded into the house after work one day once he found out it was coming out and was all like, ” WE HAVE TO GO SEE STAR TREK! I WANT TO GO SEE STAR TREK!” My response went something like, “yea…?  I can’t wait?”

But, part of being married means doing things the other person enjoys. 

Tim runs.  He says he hates it..though I do think he secretly gets some enjoyment…

I go and do the Sci-Fi/history stuff.  And sometimes, I do enjoy it.  Or I just don’t get it at all, try as I might.  It just doesn’t connect in my brain.

Monday we were both off from work and decided to make a day-off-work-date and we went to see Star Trek.  At a movie theater that is almost an hour away from the house.  We had put off seeing the movie long enough and Tim surely didn’t want to miss the time it was playing in theaters…

Why was the theater an hour away?  Well, we live out in the middle of nowhere, for one, and two the movie theaters around our house are not equipped with “stadium seating.”  And if we’re going to “see” a movie, we’re going all out – and in all out I mean there must be stadium seating.  If you’re not privy to this type of set-up, it is what it sounds like.  The seats gradually go higher up the farther you go from the screen, like a baseball stadium. Or football stadium.  Hence the “stadium” in front of the “seating.”

We decided to go to an early movie to avoid late afternoon traffic (because traffic in Atlanta makes nails on a chalkboard while giving yourself paper cuts with card-stock a bearable activity)  learned on a Monday morning at 10:40am no one goes to the movies.  It was us and some other guy eating popcorn.  One of the employees came in somewhere in the middle with his orange stick-of-a-flashlight.  I guess to spy out intruders and kick-out movie hoppers.  I have no idea.

Being one who has no Star Trek background…I had a lot of questions like, “Who is that?” and “What just happened?” and “Why is the person with blond hair mad at the one with black hair?”

And Tim, Trekkie for life, had no idea.

When the movie was over, I asked him if he liked it.

He said to me, “It wasn’t what I expected.”

And I said, “So you didn’t like it.”

Because in boy terms, that is the nicer way to say, “It just isn’t my type.”  I think you boys learn early on how to reject someone or something without them really understanding what just happened until a few minutes later when you’re out of firing range.

Tim: “No, it’s just when you go into something with an expectation and it is completely different…”

Me: “You didn’t like it.”

Tim: “No…It was just different.”

So, if you haven’t seen the Star Trek movie and are a fan of the show, do yourself a favor and throw out any preconceived notion of what you *think* the movie might be about because apparently it’s a whole different world – quite literally.  Apparently the Star Trek Tim knew took place with a whole different set of circumstances, which is why he was as confused as I was.

But to me, it was all the same and how it was was exactly how it was supposed to be because, well, I didn’t have any expectations.

I guess maybe that might just be the way to go with some things.  Expect nothing…when whatever happens, happens…and that’s the end of it. 

No disappointment.

(I know, if only it were THAT simple…)


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