heavenly gingerlily

I have discovered something that will result in higher water bills in our household forever.

Heavenly Gingerlily.  By Molton Brown.

I know.  It’s like I’m contradicting myself with craving the whole minty fresh sensation.  But this stuff is INTOXICATING.  I don’t want minty anything.  I want heavenly.  Heavenly Gingerlily.  Heavenly-makes-you-feel-more-amazing-than-the-Herbal-Essences-chick-that-loses-it-in-the-shower-when-washing-her-hair.

The hotel in London had little travel size bottles in the bathroom – and I had never heard of Molton Brown –  but I’m not one to shun new things.  It’s how I found flax seed soap (thank you, Desert Pearl Inn).  I am always one to check out the goods because you just…never know.  You might stumble upon a little treasure all your own.

The first day I discovered Heavenly Gingerlily was the morning  Tim was coming to meet me in London from where he was working in Coventry (London alone was…well, an experience).  I hadn’t seen Tim in almost a week and I think I used the entire bottle.  I couldn’t stop putting it…well…everywhere…and I shaved my legs at least five times.

From that day on I would rush into the bathroom when we were finished with the days activities, snatch up the travel size bottle from the counter and stuff it in my suitcase so the next morning it would be replaced.

With a brand new bottle.

I brought home five of them. 

I was so proud of my pack-rat skills and the maids were none-the-wiser (Actually, I think they just did whatever they thought would appease me…I can just hear them…”The Heavenly Gingerlily is gone again? No! Don’t replace it with shampoo! She’ll have a fit! Here, take this.  I saved the last bottle JUST for this room.  She’s not right in the head, that one.”  …they thought I was crazy because the gossip on maid street was that I had no idea how to turn on the lights.  That little bit is in this post).

Because the Heavenly Gingerlily inhabited my reasoning, I really wasn’t thinking anything other than how I couldn’t wait to take a shower. As a result, I didn’t do any long term planning on how to recreate this experience once we were back home.  I was kicking myself on the flight for not buying any.  I was convinced that Molton Brown was a special hotel-only or London-only brand.  Tim tried to help by telling me we only brought carry-on luggage…and 3 ounces isn’t exactly A LOT.

It didn’t help.  I neededmy Heavenly Gingerlily.  Every day.  It was my new must-have motivation to crawl out of a comfy bed at 4:30 in the morning.

On a whim yesterday, because you cannot exactly STRETCH the contents of five travel size bottles, I decided to look online for Molton Brown’s Heavenly Gingerlily.


At that lovely establishment that is in almost any mall all over the country.

Bath & Body Works.

I am saved.

I am coming, Heavenly Gingerlily.

And if the American version isn’t the same as the London version….Molton Brown and I may need to have a few words on product expectations and RUINING  someones showering experience with a bad knock-off.

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