tim had a girl’s dream

I know.  Who cares?  We all make it to REM state and dream. 

But you don’t understand.  It wasn’t just ANY dream.

It was a dream about a baby.  A new one.  One that belonged to us. One that would give us the titles of “mommy” and “daddy”

One that came out of MY womb.

He told me this morning…said he woke up like, “whoa.”

Yeah…whoa is right.  Whoa like slow down those synapses, buddy.  And don’t give those little spermies any kind of sneaky ideas ’cause the end is just not in sight right now for those microscopic swimmers.

He had a dream….about a baby.

And he’s a guy.

Am I making too much out of this? 

Aren’t I supposed to be having dreams like that?…

Oh, it was a girl, by the way.


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