we’ve gone into hiding

The last time we picked up Maddie from my mom’s house we forgot to get our pooper scooper.

And that was a few weeks ago and since then we haven’t been able to pick up any of Maddie’s excrement from the yard…

So when the people came over this morning to mow our lawn…

We had to go into hiding.

We were finishing up breakfast and as soon as we saw them coming, I flew into the computer room where all the shades are drawn, leaving Tim behind, ducking behind the counter above the sink, trying to wash the dishes.

Had I been in the military and pulled a stunt like that, I would have been dishonorably discharged on the spot.

I walked back into the living room after a minute, thinking I may have overreacted and feeling bad about leaving Tim in the lurch, and sat on the couch – where anyone in the yard could see me – to write on the laptop.  The top of Tim’s head pops up from behind the kitchen counter and he whispers, “What are you DOING?! They might SEE YOU!” And then he ducked back down and army crawled from the kitchen to where his book was on the coffee table and then did a barrel roll into the computer room.

After recovering from my shock of Tim’s mad reconnaissance skills, I picked up and hauled ass back into the computer room behind him.

See, usually they come on Fridays when we’re at work so we don’t have to worry about angry looks coming in through the windows as poo pieces fly all around and onto the guys’ clothes and into nostrils as the individual piles get run over. 

But it rained yesterday so they didn’t come.

And just so you know – Maddie poos about three times a day.  Which is like…around twenty piles a week.

Tim is convinced that whoever is tasked to mow our lawn drew the short straw at work that week.

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