two trees

My mom always gave me a tree analogy for relationships.  We, my chosen and I, needed to be two trees growing next to each other but remain separate at the trunk.  Our lives could intertwine at the top but a tree that grows into another at the base stunts the growth of the invaded tree…it doesn’t allow that tree to reach its full potential.

I didn’t get that at first.

But I get it now.

And I’ve got it with Tim.

We actually had a whole tree theme for our wedding.  Granted, it was only ONE tree…

These were our invitations.  We made them.  “We” as in Tim and I.  Made them as in, designed every piece, picked the fonts, printed and cut EVERY piece of paper – even the overlay tree part – tied every bow…all of it.  It took FOREVER.  But we liked them.

invitation smaller

We even gave trees to our guests… (yes, we also put each little tree in a pot and cut ribbon and tied all of those bows, too.  This, among other things, is why I will never “do” a wedding ever again).

trees smaller

It was destiny, I tell you.  Tim and I.

I know some people don’t understand how Tim and I work so well together.  I really cannot give any better insight.  We just work.  I think it’s like trying to describe what true love feels like.

You don’t know until you’ve felt it…and if you wonder what it feels like…then you haven’t experienced it yet.

But I’ve got it all with Tim.  I’m one of the lucky ones.  I’ve found one of the few.  And I know it.

He’s taken, ladies. 

I guess the moral of the story is: you should’ve put on a better game face when he was still available.

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