no, i cannot “technically” consider a french fry a vegetable

I all but had an all out fit – the kind where you think someone has totally cracked and the only salvation they’ll find is in a white room with padded walls – when I found out what Tim had been eating for lunch over the past few weeks.  Basically, fast food garbage.  He said he didn’t have a choice.  And I immediately fired back, “There is ALWAYS a choice.”

There is no reason to stuff your face full of artery clogging grease and preservatives and artificial crap every day.

I get it, he’s busy moving the plant to a whole new place.  It’s why I haven’t actually SEEN him lately.

But there is always a better option other than greasy, fried, disgusting food.  And if you need to know what that choice is, ask  me.  I know.  I research a menu before eating somewhere whose main attractions are the world’s most gastronomically fattening menu choices.  I weed through all of the junk and find my glimmer of healthy.  It may be hard to find but its always there, usually tucked away in small print in the corner behind a ketchup stain. 

Going to Wendy’s?  Get a baked potato.

McDonald’s?  They have these green things called salads.

Taco Bell?  Get it “Fresco” style.

His parents make fun of me and tell me I’m afraid of butter because I never put it on anything.  Yes, I am that anal…with the butter thing, anyway.

So yesterday Tim says to me, “ASK me what I had for lunch today.”

(He sounded so proud of himself)

Me: “No, what did you have for lunch yesterday?  Then I’ll ask about today.”

Tim: “No, I asked first.  I’m driving this train here.  Ask me about today.”

Obviously, he didn’t want yesterday to be recorded.

Me: “Ok….What did you have for lunch today?”

Tim: “A sandwich.  A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  FROM HOME.”

Me: “Really?  You went home?”

Tim, beaming, almost puffing his chest out with pride: “I figured if I had to drive a few miles to get something to eat, I may as well go home instead of getting fast food because home is now only 4 miles away.”

And when he did go to a fast food establishment (they do not qualify as a “restaurant” in my book) earlier this week he had a grilled chicken sandwich and skipped out on the fries (Minus one.  He admitted to eating one).

Now, I cannot claim complete perfection in the “eat healthy” for lunch department, as I have been known to grab more than a few of these as “lunch” at work. 

I can put down as many of the toffee one’s as I can find…….


But admittedly, and back to the point, I was shocked…and impressed at Tim’s recent lunch choices.  I didn’t think my previous weeks’ scolding held any weight.  He’s a grown man and he’ll eat what he wants.  None of the other guys at work seem to care what they shovel down their throats.

But I learned My Honey does.

Who would’ve known?  HE LISTENS!!


3 Responses to “no, i cannot “technically” consider a french fry a vegetable”

  1. 1 kkktookmybabyaway June 18, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    The only fast food place I frequent is Wendy’s.

    Grilled chicken sandwich.
    Plain baked potato with one sour cream, no butter.
    Chili with a cracker pack or two and hot sauce. (Size varies.)

    How’s that?

    (I also go to Subway for a roast beef/turkey/roast chicken breast sub and Baked Lay’s — lettuce, tomato, yellow and honey mustard.)

    • 2 Jessica June 18, 2009 at 8:10 pm

      That’s pretty much on par with what I’d get…if no other choices were available…except the chili part…I have a really hard time trusting meat ground up and put into a colored sauce so you cannot really *see* it…you never know where it came from…so I just avoid it….safer that way…

  1. 1 is this a tooth? « booshy Trackback on June 18, 2009 at 3:56 pm

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