a baby? a real one?

I don’t know what it is about the one-year marriage mark but once it happens, there is a universal assumption that a baby should be in the picture and if not, “it” better be on the way.

As in, growing inside the womb of The-One-Who-Married-Tim.

No one explained this to me before we got married.  No one pulled me aside right before I walked down the aisle and whispered in my ear, “Jessica! You MUST know this.  One year from today, you better be pregnant or else everyone will think something is wrong with your marriage… or your ovaries.”

Instead of “Happy Anniversary!” last September, Tim and I got a barrage of “When’s the baby coming?” “Are you pregnant?” When are you getting pregnant?” “Are you trying?”  “Do you need some help?”

You get pity if you are trying and its just not working.  This is when my mom would step in, hand us a bottle of wine, tell us to have a romantic dinner, including the entire contents of the bottle and then hit the sack.

Works every time, she says.

But if you just…aren’t trying…then the speculation begins.  At the present moment there are bets circulating with Tim’s co-workers as to when I’ll be knocked up and my co-workers keep hinting at the prospect of a baby gracing my womb.

Tim and I have been kindly taking these “subtle hints” for almost an entire year with no intentions of trying, though getting pregnant would shut them all up.  We just smile and say in a sweet, sing-songy voice, “Not now. When we’re ready, we’ll [cough, cough] be sure you’re the first to know.”

And so far, no one knows when its going to happen.

But we think it might be soon.

Tim has to be able to play with his children through the age of 18 in ways that don’t involve a remote and my maternal clock may have started ticking…but I’m not so sure about that one just yet.  Tim has already warned me that he will be a nervous wreck from the moment of inception.

But we have to get there first…that’s the fun part.  Baby-making, they call it.  I think we can manage that.

Though I’m not sure I’m quite ready to give up the caffeine… or the Diet Coke.  Oh, I will miss the Diet Coke…

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