chloe has this problem

Whenever I sit at the computer to type, Chloe comes over and hoists herself up like a prairie dog, puts one front paw on my leg and the other she uses to reach up and grab my arm to let me know that, “hi…I’m here.  Let me up!”

So I relent and she jumps up and sits on my lap and grabs at my wrists if I don’t stop typing to pet her at least fifty times a minute.  Because of course, that is what is important.

The problem is not that she uses her claws when grabbing.  She doesn’t.

No, Chloe’s issue is her loose lips.  Once she gets all happy and relaxed…the drool starts dripping like a leaky faucet.

Usually I am aware of it because a big bubble of saliva starts forming front and center, like she’s trying to blow a bubble, and I tell her to “suck it up!” She does, mostly, but other times I’m left with dark circles in various places on my clothing, none of which could be easily explained had I been required to evacuate the house and then interviewed on my appearance.

Today, however, marked a new era in the drooling.  She has somehow crafted the curvature of her mouth to have the drool fall out in such a way that instead of falling on my leg and sticking, it runs down my bare legs.  The sensation none other than that of a bug crawling on my skin.

And I don’t do bugs (as you can see here  and here).

I am not entirely sure how I managed to not jump ten feet in the air, resulting in Chloe shooting straight up from my lap, flying over to a nearby cabinet, scrambling to gain some semblance of balance and gracefulness, once the sensation reached my brain.  I have a bad habit of reacting before looking for the root cause of the unpleasantness.

You were lucky this time, Chloe.  Next time, it might suit you to wear Velcro before you attempt such a feat.


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