hi blog, its me. neglect.

Good news. I didn’t disappear from cyberspace.  I just took a vacation.

I was without a cell phone OR computer for FIVE WHOLE DAYS.

That’s really saying something considering I’m attached to one or the other for probably 16 or the 24 hours I’m awake every day.

But now I’m back and my fingers are already out of shape.  It’s like taking notes in class the first week after summer break.  My hand would cramp up after ten minutes of writing, my muscles screaming, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  WE WEREN’T BUILT FOR THIS!”

London was awesome.  We had a blast.  Sadly, I didn’t buy anything for myself.  The morning I got off the plane to explore London all by myself I was so tired I could barely stay awake on the Tube and the last thing I wanted to do was fall asleep and end up…wherever…with no way to explain to Tim on a pay phone how to rescue me.  I can hear it now…

Tim: “Sweetheart, calm down.  You’re not lost and no one is going to take the hotel room.  We already paid for it. Where ARE YOU?”

Me: “On a train. Well, no, I’m near a train at a phone. How many minutes do you think I get? I only have the 4 pounds you gave me…”

Tim: “Where on a phone?  What station?”

Me: “Underground.  I have no idea. There is no name.”

Tim: “Every station has a name. It’s usually plastered all over the walls, spaced intermittently”

Me: “I don’t see any names…”

And so it would go.

Why didn’t I sleep on the plane?  Well, I didn’t get to sit next to a window.  I got to sit next to where all of the food is prepared and apparently, that is also the hot spot for all in-flight gossip amongst the flight attendants.  If food wasn’t being cooked and slammed into carts then voices were carrying on and on and ON about who smelled or didn’t buckle up during takeoff or which flight attendant was uncool and wore a wrinkled shirt.

I slept for maybe an hour or so and didn’t eat anything because I don’t think I’ve ever seen or smelled worse airplane food.  The brown “gravy” or “sauce” or whatever it was for the chicken was jellified and smelled like burnt tires and old socks.

I did finally adjust to London time but now I am still trying to readjust to US time…and my brain and body believes it is currently 9:00pm, and though I am desperately trying to convince it otherwise, it is very firmly telling me no, I am incorrect and the clocks are wrong and I should be going to sleep.

My London adventures are coming.  I promise.

This week.

Wait for it.


3 Responses to “hi blog, its me. neglect.”

  1. 1 spookwright May 21, 2009 at 2:40 am

    I know neglect. Thief in the night he is, that evil bugger.

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