countdown…buy me!

Tim’s countdown clock is rapidly expiring.  As in, tomorrow, for Tim.  My countdown goes until Tuesday afternoon.

Countdown to what, you ask?

London.  The UK.  Great Britain.  The place with a million names.

Well, let me clarify.  London for me.  Coventry first for Tim and then London on Thursday.  I’m visiting for fun.  Tim’s going for work.

I’ve never been to London.

And I’m going by myself.

This could be a dangerous endeavor.  I’ve already been warned about going on a shopping spree on Oxford Street.  I asked for a limit and Tim just said, “Use your brain.”

I don’t think he quite understands how little of an impact that simple statement has on a woman when it comes to shopping. We have to factor in irresistable items like clothes and shoes and purses and shiny things. 

And frankly, we don’t see dollar signs.  We see big, red, beautiful hearts with open, ‘come hither’ hands attached, desperately reaching out to us.  Whenever we walk by and attempt – with all the willpower we can muster – to avoid what we know will us get in trouble, they give us the googly sad eyes and scream while choking back sobs, “TAKE ME HOME!  I’M PERFECT FOR YOU!”

And you know we’re a sucker for puppy-dog faces, an amazingly soft blousewith a perfect color  for our skin tone, the cutest shoes, a matching bracelet (I mean, it was on SALE), and the-most-perfect-fit-EVER-jeans.

So its a whole outfit?  So what?  All my other jeans don’t match the blouse the same way THESE do and I don’t have any shirts like THIS one.  The bracelet?  The outfit doesn’t work without it.  And I just like the shoes.  How was I supposed to just get one thing?  I don’t understand?  But….. it’s an outfit.  That means it goes together.  You need all the pieces…

I actually had a dream last night about my solo shopping trip in London, which is weird because most of my dreams are about being chased or tornadoes.  I was in some huge store walking around.  In my waking life, I don’t normally like to be asked a zillion questions by the salespeople.  However, I was more than obliged for this one woman to help me in my dream.  She picked out a black dress for me to try on and it was amazing.  So I went into a dressing room and she started throwing clothes over the side of the closed door saying, “This would look incredible on you!”

I never got to see what I bought because the alarm went off…

I think Tim may prefer it that way…

3 Responses to “countdown…buy me!”

  1. 1 Michelle Best May 15, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    Cool – you should be in London by now, hope you enjoy my home town… well I live in just outside London but work in London. Go to TopShop on Oxford Street and if you get a chance walk to Covent Garden – great shops there too. Have fun!

    • 2 Jessica May 18, 2009 at 3:34 pm

      I did manage to stop into TopShop but didn’t buy anything…though I wish I had! London was amazing. We were complete tourists and loved every minute. The amount of care you all take in organic, natural food is FANTASTIC. I wish it was more like that here…

  2. 3 Michelle Best May 21, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    Glad you enjoyed London. Makes me feel happy that other people love it as much as I do!

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