revisiting “booshy”

A search phrase came up today….”what is booshy”

My first inclination is to say, “I don’t know.  What IS booshy?  Enlighten me.”

But that’s no fun to all you people (thanks mom, brother Jeff…my Honey…) who read for the sake of entertainment and want answers. 

So here’s the answer.

The very first post I wrote addressed booshy.  A word that formed somewhere in the recesses of my brain and found its way out of my mouth last December and then graced the title of my blog. 

To make a long story very short (attention spans, I know.  They’re shrinking)…Think of booshy as the tackiest, ugliest, most gag-reflex inducing Christmas card you have ever seen.  The one where the designer had a moment of misguided creativity and believed fake bluebird feathers and miniature pine cones with a twiggy birds nest complete with a glittery, porn star Santa Claus ringing a bell that really just screamed, “MERRY F*CKING CHRISTMAS.  It’s a blue jay.”

If this applies to your current situation, then it’s “booshy.”  It sucks.  Its awful.  Take it out of my sight and shove it to the farthest corner possible.

Saying its “booshy” is just a nicer way to let someone – or something – know…its just not working.

I know, it sounds self-incriminating.  Think instead: irony.


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