morning person = hairy

You see, I am a morning person.  Yes, gasp!  I like to get up WITH THE SUN.  I know all you night owls think I’ve flown the coop and cannot fathom WHY I would put myself through such agony.  I feel the same way…why force your body to STAY AWAKE when it’s tired?  See, we think the same…just opposite.

With being a morning person, I like to go to the gym before work.  By the time the afternoon rolls around, I have a hard enough time convincing myself to drive home and the idea of lifting heavy things or running on a stationary object doesn’t sound like as much as fun as a  nice, comfy couch.  If it’s one of those days where I don’t have to go to work…I want my workout, laundry, grocery shopping…whatever chore you’ve got…I want it all done before noon.  Because  at exactly 12:01pm my desire to be productive drops to zero.

My one drawback to the whole morning workout is having to shower at the gym.  Kinda gross, actually…and I try to limit how long I am forced to spend in the community shower-stall to as short a time as possible.  In order to do that I learned I had to cut out the most time consuming part: shaving. 

And that’s not working out so well with consecutive days at the gym.  One day without shaving… ok.  I can work with that.  Two starts getting scary.  We’re currently working on three and alarms have been going off on my skin – warning me of the impending protein iinvasion – since about 7am.  If I don’t do something about it soon, the hair is going to take over and start connecting from one body part to another, like kudzu.  It’s repulsive in an incredible kind of way.  It just keeps GROWING.  I’m waiting for a bird to come and roost on my kneecap, prime real estate right about now. 

I’m not usually one to express the hairy armpit look.  But, let me tell you, I’ve got it rockin’ now.  Give me three days in the gym and I’ll give you a forest.

Why don’t I shave when I get home from work and solve the problem?  

Didn’t I tell you?

I’m a morning person.

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