things i learned in utah

dsc_4826The air is dry – like brittle, cracking, one-hundred year old yellowed paper.  Bring eye drops…and LOTS of lotion or else it looks like you’re peeling from a bad sunburn…and you’re still pasty white…

(not really Utah…but nonetheless) Arizona doesn’t observe daylight savings time (no, I wasn’t aware until we left on time and ended up an hour early).  Thanks Grand Canyon State for going along with the whole “united” states idea.  Really.  Thanks.  We love consistency.

Northern Utah and Southern Utah – two VERY different places.  I personally prefer the cooler, snowy mountain climate to the dusty, hot one…

It’s not a myth – they really do have Mormons – lots of them.  LDS – I get it.

There is a strip of highway that is an 80mph “test zone.”  We liked those miles. It felt like legal speeding.

If you don’t live in a city…well, what exactly DO you DO?  There is nothing out there. Where do you get your groceries??  I never quite figured that one out…

Clouds are awesome in higher altitudes.  They make for breathtaking pictures.  Like the one from Canyonlands in this post.  ALL photo credit goes to my honey – Tim.

You can make a living selling just about anything.  Especially dirt shirts.

I wasn’t really afraid of heights until I stood at the edge of a canyon.  And the wind blew gusted about picked me up and carried me away at 50 mph.

I don’t know where you got your Italians…but bravo.  My Italian husband proclaimed he had the best Italian food outside of Italy.

Everything looks the same when you’re hiking…all the rocks and hills and sand…we got lost…and had to turn and hike all the way back to the beginning of the Arches Primitive Trail

And we loved every minute.

2 Responses to “things i learned in utah”

  1. 1 dahlila June 14, 2009 at 2:02 am

    Beautiful photo!

    I once live in Springdale, butted up against Zion Park. Try waking up to that view every single morning. It takes your breath away.

    As for the groceries, it’s an hour trip to the exciting–and just a little too scary–town of St. George.

    Utah–beautiful and a bit surreal.


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