lucky penny

Tim always carries a lucky penny in his pocket.  I really don’t know when or why he started doing it… but it isn’t like he’s had the same one for ten years.  He tries to keep the same penny for as long as he can… but sometimes it just disappears – I guess the luck runs out and the penny decides to move on. 

With all our hotel hopping the past week, his current lucky penny somehow didn’t make it from Zion to Park City.  Said penny was a one I had given him months ago.  On our way back to the car from lunch at a local deli, he told me he lost it and asked  if I had any 2009 pennies.  I started rummaging through my little makeup bag turned change purse and came across what I THOUGHT was a real winner.

Me: “I’ve got a REALLY special one for you!”

I plunk the penny down onto the palm of Tim’s hand and wait for his wide-eyed, ecstatic reaction on my find.

Tim: “What’s so special about this?   1964 isn’t even a date of anything significant [in my life].”

Me: “How often do you see a penny from that long ago??  They’re usually WAY out of circulation by then.  Think of all the places it has been!”

Tim: “Think of all the hands that have touched it.  Yuck.”

Me: “Well, when was the last time you saw a penny from 1964??”

Tim: “Not that long ago.  I bet I have one now.”

Me: “Suuure you do.”

Tim begins pulling out loose change from his pocket, looks at the pennies amongst the coinage and starts laughing uncontrollably.  I look at him, completely puzzled.

Then he hands me a penny.

A 1964 penny.


Tim, through fits of giggles: “I swear, it isn’t.  Look.”

He then pulls the OTHER 1964 penny out of his other pocket – the one I gave him only moment ago – and hands it to me.

I thought I had given him the prized penny of the century.  One he could proudly and carefully put into his pocket every day, knowing he had one amazing piece of copper.  Turns out, 1964 pennies aren’t so unique.

Me: “Seriously, WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF YOU HAVING A 1964 PENNY when you only had about FOUR pennies in your pocket??”

Tim just shrugged his shoulders, still laughing, holding a metal railing for support in fear of his laughter causing him to fall right off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic.

There went my thunder.


2 Responses to “lucky penny”

  1. 1 Troy Brown July 29, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    hahaha thats awesome

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