I’m sitting in the hotel laundry room…waiting on a load.  It seems I can’t escape the chore no matter where we go…

In other, more interesting  news…WE DID IT!  We just finished the SLC Half Marathon in 2:16:36.  The winner of the marathon passed us with about a half a mile to go…yes, he looked Kenyan and no, there was no way we could match him, stride for stride, not even for 100 yards.  We all cheered for him as he passed and then kept running our race.  What else can you do?

Our finish was almost eight minutes faster than our time in last year’s Georgia ING Half Marathon – and we are happy ecstatic with that.  We averaged around a 10:25 minute per mile pace.  Mile 11 was the pits – all uphill and in the sun.  Mile 13 was the fastest…around a 9:35.  At mile 6 we wondered if we should slow our pace…but the temperature was great – mid 40s – and we felt good, so we figured why not?

So we did.  We kept our pace through the streets of Salt Lake, passing lots of babies, lots of dogs and a lady playing the flute.  Before we knew it we were running through the streets of The Gateway, spectators crowded on both sides, cheering us on to the finish line.  We went under the banner, heard the dinging as we stepped on the chip timing mat and were awarded our medals.

I discovered something new and delicious that I’ve never experienced before after we crossed the finish line.  Creamies ice cream bars.  WOW.   Someone from that amazing company handed me a chocolate flavored one as I was moving through the finishers area and I was instantly in a blissful, amnesic heaven.  13.1 miles?  I have no idea what you’re talking about.  THIS is a Creamies ice cream bar.  That’s all you need to know. 

It is the smoothest, creamiest ice cream bar I’ve ever had…I’d move out to Utah just for Creamies.  Well, Creamies and the mountains.  Tim and I have been relishing the snowy peaks since we flew over them on Thursday.  All we keep saying to each other is, “We have GOT to find a way to get out here!”

Currently, we are racing the checkout clock at the hotel.  I decided I didn’t want to have stinky, sweaty running clothes in the car with us for the five hour drive to Moab…hence the laundry room blogging.

The next week or so we’ll be hiking in Arches, Canyondlands and Zion…taking in all of the “red rock.”  We’re debating on climbing Angel’s Landing.  I’m not sure I can handle thousand-foot drop-offs on either side of me.  I don’t feel like having my body not respond to when my brain is screaming directives in the midst of a life or death decision.

As I left the hotel room with my load of disgusting  clothes, Tim yelled out from the shower, “Now our vacation REALLY begins!”

He couldn’t be more right.  And, the laundry is done…

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