utah: day 1

Where have my blogs been?  On the back burner, trying to make sure Tim and I actually GET to Utah.  The last week was…interesting…with plenty of potential to have this whole trip – one that has been planned for months – to be derailed and rescheduled for another point in time due to random, freak occurrences that, taken one at a time on sporadic days would not be so terrible…but all bunched up, hitting one day after another leading up to the trip… somehow, everything was resolved in those 96 hours.

We were packing until after midnight, got about four hours of sleep and then were up again to get to the airport.  When  Tim got up before me and took a shower to give me a few more minutes of unconsciousness.  When he finally did get me up, my stomach started revolting, wishing to deposit its contents all over the floor with that “I am not ready to get up right now and this is the punishment for not going back to sleep, pronto” feeling your body gives you.

Inevitably, a guy across from us didn’t feel that the “cell phones must be turned off” rule applied to him and sent text messages and checked scores on his iphone from takeoff to landing.  I wanted to lean over Tim from my window seat, give him my meanest stare that said, “DIDN’T YOUR MOTHER TEACH YOU ANYTHING?!”

I didn’t, though.  I just sat there, fuming in silence when I wasn’t sleeping, body crunched up at an uncomfortable angle against the side of the plane.

We landed and were greeted by a huge conglomerate of people looking to welcome “Sam Bam.”  We had no idea who Sam Bam was until we heard squeals and shouts a few minutes later.  Sam Bam was a girl and someone was so excited to see her that they spilled something all over the floor.  The employees of Salt Lake airport also got to meet Sam Bam as they set up parameters to clean up and avoid having a member not in the Sam Bam clan slipping and falling.

We took off in our little rental – destination Antelope Island in search of the bison – one of the oldest herds in the States.  We decided to stop at a bakery first and eat lunch and then head to the largest island on Great Salt Lake.

On our drive over, I realized that Atlanta is REALLY missing out on some good billboard marketing,  If nothing else, Salt Lake has witty billboards.  We passed a “GOT SNOT?” by an allergy doctor and “WE SUCK….FAT” by a liposuction group…

Antelope Island didn’t disappoint.  We saw our bison, almost ran over a jackrabbit that jumped in front of the car, climbed to Buffalo Point, avoiding bison chips everywhere, saw a bird stalking prey and then left because it started to rain.  I filmed the bathroom at the Visitor Center.  I think the little girl walking in while I was walking out thought I was crazy – but they has steel plate stalls! 

We went over to the Salt Lake Palace Convention Center and picked up our race packets for the race on Saturday and told we could not trade shirt sizes, drove around in circles trying to find somewhere to park to eat dinner  (we didn’t realize the restaurant was right around the block from where we parked at the convention center…) and then went back to the hotel to collapse.  There was a chance of snow overnight…and Tim and I are wishing we brought pants with us to run the half marathon tomorrow. 

We did check the weather before we came.  IT CHANGED.


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