atomic clocks…they do it…all by themself

Tim had two atomic clocks in the house before I started making regular appearances.  I had no idea what an atomic clock was…nor did I really know one existed or how it worked for that matter…I majored in the science of feelings…so I had never really learned about these things.  I guess a little heads up would have been nice…

One evening we were in the computer room…I was on the floor doing something…probably just lying there with a pillow, trying not to fall asleep and waiting on Tim to finish whatever he was doing.  All of a sudden I hear this noise that sounds like a timer on some kind of explosive that is getting close to detonation.  I shoot up off the floor, wide awake and searching desperately for the source before it’s too late and we’re all goners.  I look in all the normal places – windows, doors, under chairs and the corners of the room…My eyes finally scan the four alls and land on the atomic clock.

And the hands are moving.  All by themselves.

I start freaking out, thinking there is some other being in the room or some strange force making the hands move.  My heart is in my throat and I can barely get out my plea for help.  I’m pale as the ghost that I am sure is in there with us and I’m like, “Tim!  Tim!  Something is wrong with the clock!  What is going on??  Why is it moving like that?”

Tim just turns around in the swivel chair and says, “It’s an atomic clock.  It’s resetting.” then turns back around.

I’m sitting there, on the floor, indian style like a third grader, staring at his back, trying to get the words to compute, dumbfounded.  “It’s doing what, again??”

Tim says, “Resetting.”

It took another fifteen minutes of Tim trying to explain to me what an atomic clock was and why it was doing this and yes, it is ok and no, nothing paranormal is going on, before I finally accepted it as fact.

I still haven’t quite gotten used to the clock’s seemingly random decision making abilities and after trying to explain something to me ten thousand different ways before something clicked in my brain, Tim has now learned and fine tuned the art of “Jessica-Speak” as he calls it.  In other words, explaining concepts or ideas or how-this-works using words and examples that make sense…but only to me…


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