selective hearing…

We spent the evening at my mom’s house…celebrating Tim’s birthday.  His actual birthday is April 3…but today was the day she picked for dinner…so we went.  Whenever we all get together it is a competition just to gain the floor to say something.  Once that happens, the trick is to keep the attention span of the audience.  Somehow we all end up getting side tracked with something else right in the middle of the monologue…and the speaker just keeps on talking to them self or stops and waits for whatever was more interesting to cease and then starts over again – because we’ve all forgotten by that point.  With six people all wanting to say something…it can be hard to get a sentence out – much less a story – from beginning to end… unless you talk louder than everyone else or are so insanely obnoxious that everyone has no choice but to listen. 

I’m good at the obnoxious, loud part but I think I may be the worst with the selective hearing…  someone will be talking and then something else happens and my attention gets diverted and my ears start hearing the new thing going on…and said person’s words just trail off into space.

This little phenomenon was pointed out to me tonight, rather bluntly.  Jeff, my brother, was telling Tim a story and I caught the back end…the beginning I missed because I was busy making sentences out of random magnetic words on the refrigerator.  His story sounded interesting so I asked him to repeat it.

Me: “What did you say?  Jeff, say it again?”  and I walked over towards the kitchen table where he and Tim were seated.

Jeff: “Ok so, what I was telling Tim was that…”

Honestly, I don’t even remember anymore past that because as he started talking, Maddie walked over to me and I turned around to see what she was doing.

Jeff: “Every time I try to tell you something you turn your back on me!”

Tim: “Welcome to my world.”

Me: “Hey! I WAS listening!”

Jeff and Tim: “Riight…so what was he story??”

Me: “…….”

Jeff and Tim just started laughing hysterically and my mom turned around from the stove and said, “What’s so funny?”

Yeah…I was called right out – thanks Honey.  Appreciate that.  Guess I have to pay better attention the next time…


1 Response to “selective hearing…”

  1. 1 kevinashba March 29, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    lol magnetic fridge words can be such a distraction!

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