yellowstone…not a petting zoo…

The lodge we were staying at was over an hour away from the South entrance to Yellowstone.  One of the mornings, my bladder had too much coffee and it was not going to wait much longer.  The second we got into the park I told Tim, “Find a bathroom.  Fast.” 

He found one pretty close to the park entrance and I jumped out and ran into the bathroom – which was like a raised hole in the ground with four walls.  No flushing required.

While I was gone, Tim took a picture of this:


Ok.  I get the importance of warning us of dangerous animals…but I want to know what could have possibly happened to require the addition of the second prohibition.  The bears and moose and bison…they wouldn’t let you touch them with a ten foot pole without retaliation…much less allow you to give them a nice pat on the head.  We’re not visiting a petting zoo here…  even if someone did manage to get that close…not happening.  Sorry.  It just isn’t.  Said person would be torn to shreds of stomped to death or end up in the hospital with an antler protruding from their back.

If you need a warning about the danger of getting too close to the animals…you need more than just a sign.


2 Responses to “yellowstone…not a petting zoo…”

  1. 1 Marriage Confessions March 27, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    My parents live in a retirement community whose mascot is an American Bison (it doesn’t make any sense…). Recently, they had to get rid of all their bison because all the old folks were taking their grandkids out to the bison fields and trying to get their pictures UP ON the bison! What the crap is wrong with people?!?!?

    • 2 Jessica March 27, 2009 at 2:16 pm

      Wow. The only thing that would make that picture complete is a sign in the ground stating: “Do not ride the bison” next to a grandfather trying to hoist his grandchild up onto the bison, telling him, “Just grab onto that horn there, the one there a-top his head. He won’t mind!”

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