my life… how curious are you?

I’ve noticed I have… 73 posts to date…and none of them *really* get into the nitty gritty of me and my everyday life.  This is mostly because everyday life is not exactly the most exciting thing to report.  It’s pretty much the same as every one else – save those lucky few.  I get up at 4:20am every morning (after 3 snoozes…).  I’m at work between 5:30 – 6:30am – depending on if I went to the gym or not.  I am the Assistant (though the currently acting) Registrar at a culinary school.  It is an interesting job…there’s always something going on…that’s the most I can really say for it… Once I finish up at work – which can be between 12:00pm or 8:30pm – all depending on the day…on those days I leave “early” people will say “I wish I had YOUR hours!”  And I just think to myself…I’ll bet you do – join me tomorrow for a 15 hour marathon and I’ll bet you’ll change your tune.  I am the youngest person in my department and must fight the hardest for respect… After work, I come home and try to put at least SOMETHING in this blog…doesn’t always happen…but I try.  I always listen to music while I’m blogging…it helps for some reason.

Once Tim gets home – on a good day we’ll go for a quick run – but most days we have the daily debate over what’s for dinner and then watch something we’ve recorded.  Those recorded items never change.  We’re pretty set in our choices.  24, Lost, Friday Night Lights (my favorite), and Heroes.  If those are on hiatus, which they often are, it is whatever we can find that will entertain us.  I’ve given up on Lost and Heroes.  There are too many story lines that are never closed and too many new things going on for me to keep up.  It is like a whole new experience each time I watch either one.

Tim and I would prefer to live somewhere other than our current location.  Due to this little fact, we tend to GO somewhere as often as we can.  At varying times this year we’ll be in Utah, London, Upstate New York, North Georgia Mountains…potentially Long Island… our presents to each other are trips.  And we love them.  It all started with the honeymoon to Hawaii.  We were bitten by the travel bug.  Hawaii turned into Wyoming turned into Paris which now has snowballed into a trip every year.  Actually, we’re in the plural now I think.  Trips.  More than one.  As many as possible.

Will I blog on the trips?  Will you get firsthand information on our little mishaps?  Like, for instance, before I blogged, when we took the WRONG exit out of Yellowstone and ended up driving almost 700 miles in one day in parts of Wyoming where NOTHING exists and had to drive up and through this mountain road while it was snowing – at the end of May – and couldn’t see a foot in front of us and I was yelling at Tim, begging, “Pull over!  Please!  Just PULL OVER!”  and Tim was yelling back, “Pull over and what?  Get STUCK?  NO WAY.  We’re NOT STOPPING!”  and later he tells me he was just aiming for the middle and trying hit the little reflector cat-eye things in the road with the left tires…

Yeah – exactly.  Just point us towards the choice NOT to make because that’s what we’ll eventually end up doing…happens EVERY time.

If you’re wondering where I get my material…you don’t have to go farther than the above paragraph…just join me for a day in the life…

And I noticed I didn’t really even fully answer my own question… but I’ll try to be a little more… descriptive…in the future.


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