know your facts….before you speak

Have you ever witnessed someone putting their foot in their mouth and the subsequent back-tracking that follows?  I didn’t realize how much fun it is when you’re not the one picking lint of of your teeth…… until this morning, thanks to a loose lipped co-worker. 

Co-Worker: Hi Jess!  How are you?  (by the way, I don’t really *like* being called “Jess” unless it is Tim or my brothers)

Me: “I’m fine.  You?”

Co-Worker: “I’m good, thanks!  So, are you going to be able to come to the bar-b-que this year?

Me: Um…the what?  When is it?

Co-Worker: (painfully long pause as if trying to decide what to say) “May 16th”

Me: “…No…

Co-Worker: “Oh??………Well, um……uhh…..I….you see…..hmmm….”

Me: “I won’t be here.  I’ll be in Europe”

Co-Worker: “Oh, really?!  Great!  Good for you!  Have fun!!”

Exit co-worker…faster than I’ve ever seen her leave anywhere…probably to go and chastise the party organizer for NOT telling her I wasn’t invited this year.  Truthfully, I’m glad – invitation or not – we will be across the big pond during the little get together.  Last year I had to come up with some lame excuse why Tim and I couldn’t go.  Something like, “No, we won’t be able to make it.  We’ve got to sanitize our sock drawer.”  The excuse was due to our experience the year before, when we, unaware of the out-of-work personalities of those in attendance, went to said bar-b-que and were the odd-men out (code for: not part of the crazy, loud, drunk people with LOTS of inside jokes).  And believe me, after watching what goes on, we would have more fun with the socks.

It is really too bad I cannot post the “Oh shit.  She wasn’t invited”  face.  They (whoever “they” are) need a little emoticon smiley thing for that.  Because that…would be priceless.


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