open letter to litter bugs

The world is not your trash can.  I’m not entirely sure WHAT goes through your brain before you make the effort to roll down your window, pick up the sack of said trash and throw it over your body and out of the car.  I wouldn’t be surprised if your purging location of choice was on the route you take to and from work…which means…you have to LOOK at the outcome of your decision until someone else picks it up OR it biodegrades.  And if we’re going with the latter…that is a LONG ASS TIME.  What exactly do you ponder as you pass it every day, twice a day?  “Oh, hey, look.  That’s mine.”

The effort part really boggles my brain.  You make a conscious decision and concerted effort to follow through with throwing trash out the window of a moving vehicle.  It isn’t like this is something you do when the car is stopped.  Then, horror of horrors, someone might SEE you.  So, instead, you put yourself and those around you in danger as your concentration goes not to driving but to making sure the contents of the bag don’t spill on their way over your lap and out the open window.

What if a stranger came to your front door, walked in, and dropped empty, unwashed cartons, a half eaten sandwich, ripped ketchup packets, broken bottles…right on your foyer floor…and just… left.  No words.  No explanation.  Just turned right around and went back out the door like their deposit was completely normal.

Has the hamster started running yet?

There is one great thing about how concerned we are with convenience.  We put things like trash cans EVERYWHERE.  Your destination matters not – there will be a container to put your trash.  The catch is, though, you have to look at it IN YOUR CAR long enough to get to your destination.  I know, it’s hard.  Knowingly keeping empty bags and containers in your passenger seat is just gross.  If you just cannot stand to see trash sitting on your floorboard, don’t eat in your car.  We have places to get food everywhere, too.  Crazy place this world…

And, I promise, it is *really* easy to carry your trash to the appropriate receptacle.  And no, the trash will not blow up or turn into green acid or start attacking your face if it is carried to a container and not thrown to the road.  It actually will thank you.  And so will we.


3 Responses to “open letter to litter bugs”

  1. 1 Karma Doc March 24, 2009 at 4:52 pm


    I have to pick up trash in front of my home every morning!

  2. 3 Karma Doc March 25, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    For me the problem happens at night… I write down license plate number, when I can see them, and call the non-emergency number to report them; what happens from there I don’t know.

    Good luck with the camera idea.

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