yellowstone. important things from a rookie

Do not put yourself in a position you wouldn’t be able to survive had the timing and circumstances been different.

Tim and I went to Wyoming and visited Yellowstone last May.  It was an awesome trip but we were a bit, shall we say… green… to the whole dangerous, wild animal thing.

We stupidly decided to go on a “hike” near a petrified tree.  We thought,  Hey!  It’s a nice day, what a brilliant idea!  Never mind we just saw two separate black bears right off the road a little farther up from where we’ll be walking.  No bear spray…no protection…no biggie.  Who cares we’re completely ALONE in a valley surrounded by two VERY steep hills with water rushing all around us and grizzly bear poo every few feet.  We’ll be just fine.

The hike was no longer fun when I almost stepped on this:


I about gave Tim a heart attack and I don’t know how I didn’t faint on the spot.  He thought for sure we were done.  If something could take a half ton bison and do THAT to it, we were in big trouble.  All I did was inhale, very sharply, and throw my arm behind me, as if to shield Tim from harm.  Had it been a bear, my arm would have not been barrier enough.  From that point on I was beyond terrified, shakily yelling “No bear!” every few seconds and clacking two rocks together while Eagle Eye Tim searched high and low for any signs of an unwanted visitor to the bear toilet as we came to call it.

Luck was on our side that day and there were no potty breaks on our clock… but right before we reached the safety of our car, we stopped to snap this shot (apparently the earlier sight wasn’t enough for us).

That is my foot and remember, I wear a size 11.  And yes, those are bones.


The bear that dropped that pile…well good thing he wasn’t around.


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