the cabining trip

The next time, someone please remind me NOT to leave town on a Friday and expect to NOT have traffic.  Because that is exactly what happened.  We left at 1:00pm.  It was a little under a two hour trip.  We got to the cabin at…. 5:00pm.  Granted, we had to stop at two grocery stores before we even got on the highway….THEN we finally got close to our destination and out of nowhere Tim goes, “[explicative]! I forgot socks!”  We stopped at the only Wal-Mart for miles (hard to believe, I know) and I raced in and found socks, a shirt and shorts (because he also forgot his running clothes).  I came out, ran to the car where he and Maddie were waiting to show him my goods.  He takes out the shorts and was like, “Ummmm, Sweetheart…How BIG do you think I am?  I mean, I’ll wear them but they’ll be falling off.”  I take one look at the shorts and knew I had guessed wrong.  VERY wrong.  The shorts were like… three sizes too big.  So I say fine.  I’ll take them back.  I grab the shorts, go back into the store and realize I forgot my wallet…which  has my credit card…which they will need if I plan on returning anything.  I speed-walk back outside and Tim, Maddie and the car are nowhere to be found.  I wander around the parking lot for awhile, getting more and more irritated (because I was cold and hungry and it was late and I was tired and ready to just BE at the cabin).  Finally I decide to just go wait at the front of the store when I see Tim coming in the car.  I give him this look like, where in the world did you GO??  Granted, I just kinda ran off without paying attention to where he was…I say, “I forgot my purse.”  He says, “I found a Hibbetts!”  (a sporting goods store…) I rolled my eyes, grabbed EVERYTHING I bought, turned a heel and walked back inside and forgot to ask where he would be when I came out…

I waited for ten minutes while three people behind the Customer Service department milled around.  Finally one saw me standing, waiting with a bag in my hand and decided to help me.  At the same time I am almost run over by a lady that was about 75.  She must have seen the look on my face because right before she maneuvered in front of me she asked “Are you in line?”  I didn’t even answer.  I just walked up to the counter.  She followed right behind me.  I couldn’t turn around had I wanted to –  she pushed her little cart about an inch away from my foot.  I returned what I just purchased about 15 minutes ago – that must be some kind of record – went  back outside and wondered around the parking lot. Again. Tim eventually pulls up beside me.  I didn’t even say anything.  I just got in the car.

Tim drove over the Hibbetts, found his running stuff (which, the the way, we didn’t even use…) and once he got back in the car we called a do-over.  The weekend was supposed to be stress-free and after traffic and Wal-Mart and me wandering around the parking lot twice…stress-free was the last thing going on.

Things improved after our truce.  We found our way up some really steep, unpaved roads to the cabin and had a fairly uneventful evening.  We planned on having hot dogs for dinner and spent about 20 minutes looking for a lighter of ANY kind for the grill and were unsuccessful.  This was a problem for microwaved, baked or boiled hot dogs are not our thing.  Tim found a bamboo skewer and improvised.  We played ping pong but didn’t manage to get any beer involved.  Tim made a fire that kept going out and, when lit, had a really high pitched “weeeeee” to it…Tim said it was from the sap in the wood… we fell asleep on the couch, fumbled our way upstairs sometime after midnight and then were awakened around 6:30am to the clacking of toenails on the wooden floor…thanks Maddie.

Saturday morning after breakfast we took a long hike through the woods.  Maddie bounded along the entire time.  No bears… no snakes…just a really mean, barking dog on our way to the trail.  It looked like it could (and wanted) to eat Maddie.  Maddie just hopped around and wanted to go say “hi.”  She isn’t aware of the mountain-dog mentality of “stay AWAY from my house!”  Actually, we think she is pretty oblivious to any kind of danger.  Everything and everyone is her friend whether they know it or not.  The biggest event of the hike was when Tim managed to scrape his leg on a broken tree limb and bled all over the place.  Fortunately we brought along a first aid kit and I slapped a band-aid on it.

Saturday afternoon we gallivanted around the cabin like two unsupervised teenagers, took a nap, made pizza and then watched A LOT of basketball.  Duke won because Tim was wearing his un-washed Blue Devil sweatshirt so life remained good.

This morning we were up before the sun again thanks to Maddie with the pacing…the back and forth…back and forth… the pacing…the nails clacking…the PACING and the clacking….she kept at it until we finally relented and got out of bed.  She knows it works.

We were out of the cabin an hour early even after breakfast and a shower.  Tim and I had the car packed and the cabin cleaner than when we left it in no time.  I requested a quick Starbucks run to grab coffee… just a plain coffee.  It didn’t seem like much to ask for…but they were out of cream…so I had to wait to ask for more…then I spilled my coffee while trying to put a straw in the lid (I always drink it with a straw – old habit I guess)…I did finally manage to make my way out of the front door.

We turned the music up and sang – very badly and not caring – the whole way until I had a minor emergency…and my happy-dappy mood went south – quite literally – very quickly.

Another note to self:  Don’t drink a large coffee and expect to make it home without stopping.  Nature was calling my name so loudly that alarms were going off in my head with a countdown to release started.  Any little bump in the road was a near accident in my seat.  I do not enjoy using a bathroom in a public place but today…I would have relieved myself on the side of the road for all to see and not cared.  Luckily, Tim managed to get me to an actual toilet before my clock got to zero.

And to make the trip complete, we get home, open the door and are greeted with the putrid smell of a rotten, dirty diaper.  The stench permeated the entire house.  We don’t have children nor does anyone with diaper-clad children have access to our home.  Problem.

Tim found the offending smell inside the trash can in the kitchen.  I knew he found it because I heard him yell “Uggggghhhh!!!”  It was a styrofoam chicken container that had not been washed out.  Oops…  We flung open every window upstairs and down.  I think the smell is almost gone now…

We started laundry and un-packed and washed things…yea…chores.  The cabin instruction book had a statement that said “if you’d like to start the laundry for the cleaning service…”

No thanks.  We do that at home.


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