maddie and the gallon jug

I received a phone call from Tim at around…. 6:30am  last week.  He’s at home.  I’m at work.  I pick up the phone, thinking something is wrong and all I hear is laughter on the other end.  I’m struggling to figure out what is so funny an all Tim can mange to get out between gasps if air between chuckles is “Maddie” and “Water jug”

Once the laughter was somewhat under control, he relays to me how he filled the girls water dish (a pink water fountain Drinkwell thing…) and put the empty gallon water jug at the top of the stairs.  He thought nothing of it and started getting ready for work.  Somewhere between shaving and brushing his teeth, Maddie walks in, proud as a peacock, holding the jug in her teeth by the handle.  She puts it down and looks up at Tim like, LOOK what I FOUND!

She saw that jug and had a thought bubble just like the cartoon dogs do when a huge steak is sitting out in the open with no one around but them and that irresistible piece of meat:  I must have that. 

She figured out how to pick it up and toted that jug around all morning, batting it across the bathroom, flinging it up in the air, jumping on it so that the jug popped out the other side and skidded across the floor.  Sadly, the jug had a short life due to her sharp teeth, strong  jaws and her parents not wishing to experience an emergency pet room visit.

Apparently, we don’t need to spend money on toys for dogs or agonize over if Maddie will appreciate the knotted rope with two rubber balls attached or if she will prefer the squeaky duck over the squeaky lamb…  the best toys to date have been a tennis ball so old the fuzz was flattened and brownish, a child’s stuffed animal and an empty water jug.  She’s like a child who has more fun with the wrapping paper than the actual present inside.


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