We’re off on an impromptu “cabining” trip tomorrow. We used to go camping – roughing it in the woods surrounded with nature… but then we went to Yellowstone and saw some VERY large animals (bears) that could easily rip our tent – and us- to sheds…and subsequently decided to become more educated and watched a lot of TV about those very large animals (bears)…suffice it to say we go “cabining” now. We’ve found it is a tad more difficult for something to tear through wooden logs and at least we’d have a head start if they decided to try. The impromptu part came yesterday afternoon. Tim needs…no…requires…a break from work before he ends up in a white room with padded walls, so we booked a cabin for the weekend. The mountains have a way of removing the stressors of every day life…and the technology. The cabins have modern things like TV but we’ve never turned one on (it may be different this time with March Madness going on….if Duke is playing…we’ll be watching). We go hiking, sit outside on the porch and play whatever games the cabin is equipped with – this time it is ping pong…and I’m thinking I may need to dress in full-on body armor for that since I will be on the receiving end of Tim releasing his stress on the little white ball.

As for our fur-kids, Maddie gets to go with us while the girls fend for themselves at home (the girls = Alegre, Gracie and Chloe). I think they probably prefer it that way. The cats get some “quiet alone time” and Maddie gets to be around her favorite things: people and outside. The last time we took Maddie to a cabin, she went bonkers. I’m not sure if it was all the smells or fresh air or what but she was ECSTATIC. She ran all over the place with a smile the whole time. We went on a three hour hike and she frolicked up and down the trails.  Unbeknownst to her however, was how much different walking on a trail is from walking on a sidewalk and how sore her muscles could become. She hobbled around the next day, all day, preferring to be in a relaxed, horizontal position. We could barely get her to stand up to eat. We told her last night we were going to “the cabin” but I think she forgot what that means OR she remembers the soreness… Tomorrow, though, once we put her in her “seat belt” (harness to buckle her to the backseat) she knows something good is about to happen. To her, “seat belt” = “car ride” = somewhere fun.

This weekend I’m also supposed to learn how to play “beer pong.” I had no idea what that was until last night. We were talking about the cabin and Tim was like, “we can play beer pong!” And I go, “play huh?” and Tim says, “you don’t know what beer pong is?” and I’m like… nooo…if I did I probably wouldn’t have asked…(out loud I just said “no”). I’ve never been a big fan of drinking…much less drinking games…and because of that I apparently missed out on some REALLY fun sounding activities – especially if I win…Tim played them in college…but now we’re both willingly in the same sober boat. I’m not sure how much I’ll enjoy my beer pong experience…as Tim already has a head start, especially with strategy, and I may end up the one who is a little more…at ease… shall we say…

As for the hiking portion of the weekend… the last time we went we came across a bear and a HUGE black snake (excuse me while I start gripping the sides of my head, mouth scrunched up, cringing, walking with short, quick steps in small circles going “eww, eww, eww, ewww!!!!!”). I had a harder time with the snake than I did the bear. That snake WAS big – like three feet long big…like RIGHT in the middle of the trail big…like Tim had to move it with a stick while I continued my gross-out dance about ten feet behind big. When I had to actually PASS the point on the trail where it was … I made Tim walk right next to me on the snake side while I went into a full out panic beside him. I would have rather walked over hot, burning embers with no shoes on. Hopefully we won’t come across any more of those lovely little creatures. I cannot even stand dead snakes. We passed a dead rattlesnake in the middle of a road once…and horror of all horrors, Tim STOPPED the car RIGHT NEXT TO THE SNAKE and wanted to go and cut off the little rattler portion at the end. I started frantically bouncing up and down in my seat, screaming MOVE THE CAR, KEEP GOING, DON’T STOP! PLEEEAASE!! I was CERTAIN that snake was going to come back from the dead and bite Tim’s hand right off if he so much as laid a finger on it. Let’s just say no rattler was taken home that day.

I do really, really like being out in nature. I just don’t like some things that are OUT THERE within the nature. So… in order to enjoy the good parts, I put on my suck-it-up face and brave whatever we come across…unless it is something I just refuse to cross…and that’s where Tim, my nature moving hero, swoops in to take the offending creature or item out of my path so we can walk on.


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