anything BUT a loose tooth, please

I can watch someone blow literal chunks all over the place before I can witness someone pulling out a loose tooth.  It gives me the eeby jeebies just thinking about it.  My brother would just let nature do its thing with his baby teeth.  He sneezed one out and lost another biting into a sandwich.  The little tooth sat nicely wedged in the bread and he plucked it right off.  No pain. No blood.

Not me. When I had a loose tooth, it was an agonizing, bloody experience.  I would work on it, pull in all different directions – feeling the skin of my gums rip little by little – twisting and turning the tooth any way I could bear.  I would position myself on the counter in the bathroom and stare at my obsession from all angles, planning my next move.  I’d sit there until my arms were aching from holding them up at my mouth until I finally managed to pry it out.

And when I did….the smile couldn’t have been bigger.  I BEAT the tooth.  I won.  I’d scramble off the counter and find the nearest person to show my prize, tissue paper sticking out of my mouth, still plugging the fresh hole I created.

Must be why I have such a hard time.  Watching a child pull out a loose tooth brings back all of those sensations of the twisting and the tearing…the metallic taste of blood…my tongue feeling the sharp bottom half of the tooth, now free of its prison but still connected by juuuust a thread…the gaping, gummy hole afterwards…

I’m sitting here sweating… that was probably the most difficult thing I have ever written.  I was cringing the whole time… stomach rolling while I’m re-reading to semi-edit…face scrunching up with flashbacks of the agony I voluntarily and willingly put myself through.

Tim is going to have to deal with any and all of the loose teeth in this household.  I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it.  He’ll come home to find me out cold on the floor, child sitting next to my motionless body, staring up at him, triumphantly holding up a tooth for Tim to see with a confused look that says “I don’t know what her problem is.  It’s just a tooth.”


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