I should take some de-whaters??

We went to the gym this morning to slug out three miles on the treadmill.  It is rainy and cold outside so we decided to save our long run for tomorrow (we’re training for the Salt Lake City half marathon this April).  Hopefully the weather will do what we requested and stay dry.  We’ll see.  For some reason it never seems to want to do what WE want…it tends to have a twisted sense of humor. 

We figured we would get all of the non-fun activities done in one trip and went grocery shopping after the gym AND THEN to top it all off we got gas (ha… punny.  Sometimes stuff just comes right out and I don’t see the humor until the end. My own little way to keep myself entertained).  All in all, a great morning.  All of my absolute favorite activities….

Tim has been having issues with his knees and while we’re in the car comes upon an epiphany as to why the pain just will not cease.  This pain has been going on for MONTHS so I am all ears.

Tim: I think I know why my knees hurt.

Me: Why?

Tim: I think they are inflamed from running.

Me: You should take some de-flamers.

Tim: Some what?!

Me: You know, to decrease the inflammation.

Tim: You mean… anti-inflammatory?

Me: Yea, those.

Like I said…  Things just… pop out of my mouth before my brain has a chance to work out the end.  Tim and I were on a long road trip somewhere and I was bored so I started switching the first letter on any two-named place I saw.  I wasn’t thinking, just reacting and having a grand time yelling out my new words.  We had Kurger Bing, Mal-Wart, Quairy Dean (kind of an exception to the rule…), and then I see a Fudruckers (it is a hamburger-type restaurant if you don’t have one).  It isn’t even two names…but I reverse Fud’ and Ruckers’ anyway. I yell it out, giddy with my game and then Tim starts laughing hysterically.  I stop immediately, thinking I missed something and look at him like, What?!?  He just stared back and said, “Didn’t you HEAR what you just said??” and continues laughing.

I am not one to blurt out words such as those with ease.  Usually it is a concerted effort and I know EXACTLY what I said, so it was a shock to his ears and my brain when my mouth effortlessly said something my brain wasn’t expecting.  This resulted in my very slow uptake on outcome of my most recent word reversal.  Finally, my brain connects with what my mouth said.  I turn crimson and get this sheepish look on my face and I’m like Ohhhh!  OOPS!

Now, every time we see a Fudruckers we cannot pass it by without Tim reminding me of its new name.


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  1. 1 spookwright March 14, 2009 at 1:06 pm


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