electronic devices and i…

If you can plug it into a wall or stick a battery in it I’ve probably already broken or severely disabled the device at least once.  Electronic “things” and I do not get along.  I think we’ve made peace with each other and learned to live with our differences.  Unfortunately we both have to live with others, too.

Growing up, if the vacuum cleaner was making a funny sound or didn’t turn on or just stopped working mid-push, the first thing my Mom shout was “Jesssssiiiicaaa!  What did you do?!!?”  My answer would always be the same.  “Nothing! Why is it always MY fault??”  She would shoot back “Then WHY am I pulling out a piece of string from the underside of the vacuum cleaner three feet long?  I know your brother didn’t have any kind of string in HIS room for a school project!”  Busted.  Again.  Guess that was something I was supposed to pick up and not the vacuum cleaner.  Seemed to work fine at the time…

Now the torch has been passed to Tim.  He cringes when I touch something and it turns off or does something unexpected. I always claim innocence…though now, on occasion, will reluctantly admit that sometimes I AM the one that sucks up things that probably shouldn’t be… like long tendrils of a plant…or I put something too “fibrous” down the garbage disposal… or force something to turn off by unplugging it because it won’t do what I want fast enough…or shove too many articles into the dish washer or washing machine because I don’t feel like doing an extra load.  

All are very simple things to correct. Unfortunately, the synaptic gap is a bit too far for the information to jump and it never quite makes it over to the side that says “Remember what happened the LAST time you did that?  The result wasn’t pretty.  AND it ended up taking you TWICE as long.” 

The really sucky part?  It’s not that something breaks or doesn’t work the way it is supposed to.  It is whenever “it” happens, even if my prints are nowhere to be found, I am the first to blame.  Automatically.  Without question or hesitation.  The first thought bubble that pops into Tim’s brain is simply my name, surrounded with !@!!@??!!


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