my alarm clock does not beep

Tim turned me on to this amazing thing.  Snooze.  Before my introduction to the world’s greatest invention, I would set the alarm for the time I wanted to wake up.  The second it went off I would shoot out of bed like my hair was on fire and starting running all over the place, trying to find my clothes and remember where it was I am going…is it important??… because I am definitely in some kind of hurry.  My brain – which is still in the bed somewhere along with the top half of my body – is laughing.

Then Tim educates me about the snooze button.  Something that allows me to get myself together and remember why I am getting up before I want to before I get out of bed.  What a concept.  It worked great for a loooong time.  Especially since the alarm clock is on Tim’s side of the bed.  It goes off… he hits it…I smile and snuggle deeper under the covers.  And we repeat.  After the third snooze I know the next interruption is my last.  But this time, I am ready.

Now there’s an interruption to my snooze.  Chloe.

Chloe has learned what that noise means and is VERY concerned I do not fall back asleep.  So much so that once the alarm goes off THE FIRST TIME she is up and at attention.  She paws at my face, climbs all over me (11 pounds of cat is NOT ignorable), meows, licks my nose, sits in front of me and puts her head about an inch from my face and just stares at me like “Didn’t you HEAR that??  You know what that means…I’m losing my patience.”

Once I do get up, she races into the bathroom.  I get my small revenge when I turn on the lights.  She stares up at me, squinting with glee.  I can hear the words coming out of her mouth.  “I win.”

Needless to say, I no longer have my glorious snooze time.


3 Responses to “my alarm clock does not beep”

  1. 1 Davis March 13, 2009 at 8:58 am

    It’s funny to see how cats react to variations in our lives. Our three seem to get the concept of weekend, at least somewhat. But it takes feeing them very late the night before to make it happen.

  2. 3 spookwright March 13, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    Two-year-old boys are equally talented snooze-thieves. Particularly when they know Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is about to start. Great post.

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