how our dog stays skinny

I don’t remember seeing this trait in any dog book or website or list of FAQs you really should know.  We have circles and lines worn into the carpets around our bed, the couch, the dining room table…all over the house, really,  from our little pacer, Maddie.  She just goes back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…  This is especially annoying on Saturday and Sunday mornings when you’re trying to sleep.  All you hear are her paws hitting the carpet and the breathing out of her mouth in one constant, rhythmic cadence that comes and goes every few seconds.  It’s her way of saying: “I’m ready to get up now whether you are or not.”  And it works.  Every. Single. Time.  If she has a treat or a toy in her mouth, she feels the need to walk around with it dangling from her jaws for hours before she decides do actually DO something with it.  I used to pet-sit a dog that required someone to stand over it and continuously tell it to eat and drink water because it refused to do either on its own.  That dog has some serious issues.  Maddie is just OCD.  Blame it on her owners.  We’ve both got our little quirks and cannot handle certain things to be out of place.  Maddie has taken on this complex and applied it to her toys and treats.  After about thirty minutes or so, Tim or  I will have to make her stop to eat the treat or drop the toy.  We gave her a Frosty Paws treat yesterday.  She walked around with it for so long it was melting all over her.  She didn’t realize she was missing the best part until we introduced her to what was inside the container.  That pretty much put an end to the pacing.


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