wet dog

Maddie and I went for a walk today.  She managed to poop in someones yard, looking at me like “Well, what did you expect?  Hold it??  I can’t HOLD it.  I HAD to go.  Really bad.”  I didn’t bring a bag with me… Dear neighbor: I apologize for the lump of fertilizer in your yard.  Look on the bright side.  You’ll have a nice green patch in a few months. 

At the end of our walk I took her off lead and told her to “run home.”  We live in a cul-de-sac so her choices are pretty limited and chances of success are high.  She found her correct home today.  After we celebrated her achievement by me jumping up and down yelling “good home!” and her spinning in circles we played with the hose.  The nozzle has a jet spray function and when she hears it come on… watch out.  Dog on crack.  She goes nutzo trying to catch the water and cannot seem to figure out why it always suddenly stops and then starts again somewhere else.  I can just see the question marks popping out of her head as she runs back and forth.

“It was just here!  Why did it move!?!?  Where did it.. there it is!  I gotcha….. wait!?!?  It’s gone?!?  Again?!?!  Mom?!?!  Help?!?

After she was sufficiently soaking wet from the hose game she took the liberty to drop to the ground and roll all over the grass and dirt.  Snuffing and snorting and burying her face in the soil, having a grand time swimming around her waterless haven.  I ran over to her, trying to stop the madness but no such luck.  Now she’s wet AND dirty and laughing all the way back to the house.  She accomplished the goal all dogs desire: what can I do to make myself as gross as possible?  Except those snippy little ones in purses.  They’re allergic to water and dirt makes them breakout.  Didn’t you know?

We went inside and she repeated her antics on the rugs and carpets and towel I put down for her.  Whatever was bothering her took a long time to get off.  Must have been the clean, fresh air scent.  That ones a bugger to remove.

Now she has that refreshing wet dog smell.  I’ve found it doesn’t matter if we JUST bathed her.  She’ll still give off that aroma until she is completely dry.  Must be why dry pet shampoo was invented.  She knows I don’t like the smell.  She’s curled up at my feet, stinking away.  She looks up ever so often and takes a big, deep breath, mouth wide open and releases the air-bomb at just the right angle to make sure I get every ounce of her hot breath in my face.  Wet dog and dog breath.  Mmmmmm….intoxicating.


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