Tim + Jess in Paris

Tim + Jess in Paris

We’re nowhere near Christmas (that’s what we celebrate…) or Thanksgiving (we celebrate that too…) but just so you are aware:  I LOVE tradition.  Some people hate it.  Personally, I like to know the same thing is coming, year after year, on certain holidays.  It is devastating when a tradition dies (Dear caramel and cheese popcorn at Christmas – I miss you dearly!).  Tim and I have melded our own traditions into something of our own so we both still have our favorites.  Funny enough, we had some of the same ones growing up.  Our moms are so similar it is a bit scary… but that’s another topic entirely.

We always had gummy bears in our stocking.  Tim had Tic Tacs in the toe.  We ate sausage balls and orange juice for breakfast.  Tim’s family does fruit and scones.  “Santa” still comes to both our houses – even today.  We love the guy.  He’s the excuse for a gift you couldn’t have gotten away with otherwise.  I mean, if it’s made in his workshop… I HAVE to get it.  There’s no denying Santa his desire to give you a special gift!

Tim and I have started a new Thanksgiving tradition.  It’s only a year old, so we’ll see how long it holds up (my guess is once kids come into play, it will come to an abrupt stop).  We go on a trip instead of to relatives homes.  He and I get to spend some alone time together and it is very nice.  We jetted off to Paris this past year.  It was my first time.  It was incredible.  I loved the city.  Tim had been a couple times already and was in charge of the language barrier.  I learned something very important while we were there.  Never to go into another country without being able to speak the language very well.  I did a few of the Rosetta Stone tutorials but not enough.  Not understanding…much of anything… makes you feel very isolated and ignorant and it is really hard to find things to eat.  We didn’t eat very much or very often- mostly bread and crepes – because they were easy to order. Oh – and don’t forget your debit card.  Very. Bad. Idea.  As the French would say: C’ est la vie.  We had fun.  I would do it again.


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