Maddie’s toys…

Maddie has…. about a million toys.  And they all have names.  She only really knows a few of her toys, even though we’ve re-introduced each of them – by name – at least once or twice a week.  We have Tigger, her favorite (same one that hangs out with Pooh – just the “baby” version.  We found it at Target before we picked her up in the infant section.  It is the most resilient stuffed anything I’ve ever seen).  There is Pinky – a pink teddy bear we found at Wal-Mart.  Tim cut out its plastic eyes and sewed in black X’s instead.  No complaints from Pinky.  There is Little Man (a toy she was given by the breeder), Big Man (a white, wool-looking thing with no face that kind of looks like a short, over sized gingerbread man), Chuck the Duck (a yellow duck that wears ear muffs, gloves and boots), Noodle (a Christmas reindeer with a red plastic tube as its “antlers” that looks like a noodle), Valentine (our newest member of the Maddie clan), just plain Duck, her Cat… she has more toys than she knows what to do with.  If we ignore her bringing one of them to us too long, she will go and pick out every single toy in her basket in the kitchen and surround you with them – wherever you happen to be –  and it ends up looking like the toy basket exploded right underneath your feet.  I taught her to put her toys “in the basket” but it only works with treat in hand and command at the ready.  There is no voluntary tiding up on her end.

She LOVES to squeak the squeakers… incessantly.  Imagine chewing some very sticky taffy and every chomp down makes a loud, high pitched noise.  That’s Maddie.

If you take a toy away, she turns into OCD dog.  All of a sudden, there is no other toy on the planet except the one you’ve taken prisoner.  She will keep coming back and staring longingly at the toy, then you, then the toy, then you…until it is safely in her mouth again.  If you get up and leave the toy in your place, she will go and sneak it away.  Giddy with her robbery.


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