weird things about me…

I do not like bugs – mostly spiders.  It makes no sense.  When I was a kid I would pick up daddy-long-legs all the time and have them crawl all over me.  Now they give me the iby-geebies.  If I see a spider in the house, I make Tim dispose of it.   He knows I do not care if it is 5:00am.  It needs to go.  Now.

I am TERRIFIED of snakes.  I hate them.  When Tim and I go running I’ve been known to jump three feet in the air mid-stride because I see something that resembles a snake.  He just laughs at me because he’s right – it is a bit ridiculous.  Even pictures give me chills.  I also did not have a problem with those when I was younger.  I have no idea what happened to me.  I turned wimpy.  I may need a round of Systematic Desensitization (trying to utilize that Psych degree…).

I get frustrated when people are sick or injured when I don’t think it is all that bad.  Especially those close to me (Tim).  For some reason my brain doesn’t care how sick or injured someone is (Tim) unless it is painstakingly obvious.  Then I give a little leeway.  I think it has something to do with my mom never allowing me to be sick or injured.  If I was she’d tell me to suck it up or get back up.  This included times I rolled my ankle so badly during a basketball game it swelled up like a grapefruit the next day.  It didn’t matter.  I still played.  She has since loosened up a bit (lucky for my younger brothers).  I try to be sympathetic but it is not natural for me.  It is hard when I actually have to make myself consciously aware of what I am doing (or not doing).  Our kids will be wiping those crocodile tears away very quickly once they realize my sympathy gene is lacking.

I have a terrible weakness for cold or frozen chocolate chip cookies.  I do not like warm cookies of any kind.  I also despise warm doughnuts, warm brownies…. I prefer baked goods straight from the refrigerator.  I know.  I’m weird that way.

I LOVE honey.  I love to put honey on and in all sorts of things. Peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches (YUM!), honey on rice, honey on chicken, honey on french fries (in my younger eating at McDonald’s days I would get honey for the french fries until they started charging me .10 a packet.)… it must be the salty-sweet thing.  I don’t know.

I’ve found it is difficult to come up with these… because I don’t think any of that is weird…. but I’ve been told otherwise… so I know I fall outside of the “normal” range.


1 Response to “weird things about me…”

  1. 1 Anonymous July 14, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    honey on garlic bread is also yummy

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