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I decided to do away with the bland and go with something I love to look at – the sky.  This picture was taken from our backyard.  That evening, the sky was on fire… we couldn’t help but grab the camera (more like me saying: “Honey!  You have to come and see!  Quick! Get the camera!  Hurry or it will be gone!”  with no real consideration as to what Tim was doing at the present moment.  The sky takes precedent).  I love sunsets, sunrises, neat cloud formations, dark and ominous gray clouds against a lush, green backdrop of trees, rainbows, lightening…. I could go on and on and on…

Needless to say, hope you like it (you being the random person who happened to run across my blog… I don’t think I have an avid audience waiting with baited breath to see my next move… but thanks for checking it out).  If you don’t… I guess it doesn’t really matter.  I’m not going to change it but I’ll hear you out… never hurts to get a second opinion (that was sarcasm, incase you didn’t catch it).


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