never blog when on a diet

I’m not on one… lucky for you.  For if I was my post would probably go something like this:

Chocolate chocolate chocolate cookies cake chocolate sugar chocolate chips chocolate pie (I don’t even like pie… but it has sugar!!!!) chocolate chocolate where is it?!?!  Diets don’t work anyway… everyone knows that!  Give me chocolate!!!

Yes,  much like someone who suffers from OCD.  If you want to feel their pain, deprive yourself of your absolutely most favorite thing and for awhile that is ALL you’ll think about.  Some people, I’ve learned, are salty people – that is what they miss.  Salty things like chips.  I do not understand that.  I could go forever without touching another potato/vegetable/corn chip.  I like them but I don’t crave them.  To each their own I suppose.

Our goal?  Stop eating processed things – which is a lot more difficult than one would think.  We’ve tried to cut out high fructose corn syrup (yes, even though the corn companies are now sponsoring commercials stating that HFCS is “ok in moderation”  It can’t be all that great if companies are trying to rid their products of the little bugger and various cities and other countries are banning it). We’ve come to realize it is in EVERYTHING.  Bread, relish, ketchup, sloppy joe sauce, gatorade (we’re on a search for a recovery drink that doesn’t have HFCS, even if we have to mix it-  if you have a good one to recommend, we’re all ears) various crackers… all weird places to be putting corn syrup.  We’re also cutting out hydrogenated oils.  Also a challenge.  To ensure we do not put those two little items into our system, we now make our own or buy organic.  Yes.  It can be a pain.  Yes.  It is expensive.  But it makes us feel better about ourselves and that IS the whole point when it comes to “diets” anyway.  Little “successes” to allow you an opportunity to cheat because you’ve been “good.” 

Come to think of it…that is one of the only places I can think of that cheating is considered acceptable and welcomed.  We didn’t get to pull out our notes from class during a final exam because we had enough will power to not look over our classmates shoulder for the right answer all year.  We can’t run a red light because we’ve been diligent at stopping, even when it is still yellow, for a whole week.  We can’t cut in line, finagle our taxes, not pay a bill, skip out on a co-pay…. cheating in any other arena is a BIG no no.  Except when it comes to food.  How strange.  If we had as high a moral conscience when it comes to a diet as we do when it comes to cheating on other areas of life, obesity may not be such a challenge.  For those without a conscience, they’d just be fat and we would all know to stay far, far away.


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