closets… how full are yours?

Tim and I watched a TV show last night about the top things to do if you’re trying to sell your house.  The sale of ours in not imminent… we’ve been trying to move for about…. 3 years now and with the market (housing, stock, etc, etc, etc) the way it is it doesn’t look like we’re going anywhere fast.  BUT we figured we could start doing small things here and there so when “the day” finally came we wouldn’t have ten million little things to do which would result in one big mess.

We started with the closets today – my idea, albeit a bad one (hindsight is 20/20).  They have so much random stuff…Christmas decorations, college binders with who knows what in them, pictures, old sports jerseys from my basketball days, pillows, Easter baskets….  Don’t know what to do with it?  Throw it in the closet!  That’s how it seems to go in this house.  Unfortunately, it has gotten to the point where the closet is no longer a viable option… and the hosts on the TV show said that “your closets should be organized and not packed so prospective home buyers will not think the house is too small, which requires you to store everything in the closet.”  Personally, I think it should be a good thing to have a packed closet.  The prospective buyer should say “Wow!  Look how much stuff they crammed in there!  That means we’ll have plenty of room for our punching bag we’ve never used or our set of luggage we don’t need or all my (fill in significant other here) crap he/she never uses but insists on having!”  I don’t care who you are, you have a closet full of stuff you haven’t seen in years and probably forgot you had.  Why try to bamboozle a home buyer?  “No!  We don’t even USE our closets!  We’ve got so much extra space around the house that we don’t need them.  Purely for decoration.  Aren’t yours?”


Tim and I just spent the afternoon trying to make space in the attic for the crap in the closets.  We only managed to completely clear out the floor of one (out of four and we haven’t even thought about downstairs yet…).  The rest are still just as full… and the attic even more so.  We don’t have a basement.  If we did, our problem would be solved.  Everything could go down there.  The TV show didn’t mention anything about basements.  I think those get a pass.  The real estate agent probably quickly mentions “a basement” and all is understood.  The basement – aka the great void.  That’s kind of like our closets.  Our void is just distributed over more surface area.

Lesson learned: pick something you can SEE the results a little more plainly instead of just moving stuff around.  It really doesn’t make you feel as successful in your hours long attempt when all you’ve managed to do is move the mess to another part of the house (unless, of course, it is a basement).


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