that’s not a tootsie roll…

Tim and I tried really hard with Maddie when she was a puppy to break her of habits she never even had like chewing on furniture, using the house as her bathroom, barking… all the things no one really wants with a dog but may end up with.  As of a few weeks ago – so far, so good.  We’ve gotten through a year and two months of pretty good obedience. Not perfect – but sufficient.  She still likes to jump on people but she doesn’t bark and she knows “outside to go potty” means just that.  Do it outside.  The one thing we heard and read about were the “tootsie rolls” your family dog would find and, once knew existed, would relish in the moment they could snag one.  Now, this isn’t a problem if you don’t own cats or if your cats don’t use a litter box.  But if they do……………. they leave those wonderful tootsie rolls out for your canine each and every day.

Over the past few weeks, Tim and I have found Maddie with a mouth full of litter, all jammed between her teeth, and breath that was WOW – out of this world bad.  Tim went and rinsed her mouth out in the hose outside to attempt to rid her of that god-awful smell once.  It didn’t work.  We’ve learned there isn’t much to do except wait.  Time heals all wounds and freshens Maddie’s breath, apparently.  We thought (operative word here) we were safe because she had never shown any interest before AND we have a Booda dome litter box.  The Booda dome has a lid (the “dome”) and is made to where the girls have to walk up a ramp and turn (yes, turn) right to get into their kidney-shaped box to do their business.  I guess Maddie found a way inside or one of the girls gave her a few pointers.

We’ve never actually caught her rooting around in the stuff, which is the only way for us to associate her head in the litter box as a bad thing.  Until this morning.

I was getting ready for my run in the bathroom and turned around to see where Maddie went.  If she isn’t bringing me a toy or running around – she’s up to something.  Our bathroom is connected to the bedroom and I looked over our bed to the corner of the room (we don’t actually own the bedroom anymore.  It belongs to the felines and canine now) and saw Maddie’s head crammed all the way in the entrance to the Booda dome and I just screamed “HEY!!!! NO!!!!!”  Her head whipped out so fast that the beloved tootsie roll she worked so hard to sneak out flew right out of her mouth onto the floor.  She knew why she was in trouble this time.

I gave her the what for.  She slunk around me while I told her NEVER to go in the litter box.  And “NO!” countless times.  She may not ever go near that again.  She’s been bringing me toy after toy to try and make up and she’s at my feet right now, sleeping quietly.  So now I’ll go back to what I was doing before and go attempt my run.  Funny how you get side-tracked.  All for a “tootsie-roll.”


2 Responses to “that’s not a tootsie roll…”

  1. 1 Emma February 17, 2009 at 9:30 am

    Thats hilarious. Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

  1. 1 squeaky clean « booshy Trackback on June 27, 2009 at 1:59 pm

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