Bad Day + Art Show = Proud Sister

Ever have one of those days where you were better off just staying in bed? That might have been today save one great highlight.

My brother was in an art show!!…along with other well-known artsy-fartsies – and he hasn’t even graduated college yet – I know. It is a big deal (and I am being for serious – and ‘for serious’ it is a little phrase I’ve been saying for… a long time. Yes, bad grammar and no, I don’t care.). I didn’t know any other artists except him but that was who I was there for and so everyone else and their art just kind of faded into the background (yes, I looked at it all and yes, I compared it to my brother’s and no they were not better). He was late because he was lost so out of my entire family he was last. It didn’t matter – he was there – and everyone was happy. I was so big-sister proud! I still remember when he was but a wee-tot and we went on adventures and played Legos and ran away from home. Good times. I’m still taller… but he’s all grown up and out of his pajamas and has become Super-Artman…. and tonight, a nervous-excited Clark Kent emerged… so cute to watch people watch him… and his art… (I’m taking in my big-sister moment in all it’s glory – it’s not everyday I get to be all mushy about stuff)

And no, the remainder of today is not worth mentioning. It was a day.


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