Chloe emerging from her special place

Chloe emerging from her special place












I have finally been subverted the the world of blogging.  Apparently that is the “way to go” along with Myspace and Facebook and Twitter… and the only thing that “twitters” in this household is one of our cats, Chloe.  She makes a twitter kind of noise sometimes when she’s in a world special only to her.  We have yet to figure out how to get there, try as we might.  So, the whole booshy thing – I know you’re all waiting with baited breath. 

Is it a name? 

A bad hairday? 

Maybe a new food? 

“Booshy” came to life while my husband and I were looking for Christmas cards (“Holiday” for those that do not celebrate – but they had a Santa on the front…), albeit too late to find any good ones.  I guess Thanksgiving is the new Christmas and shopping for anything red or green or sparkly within the first two weeks of the month of Santa is WAY TOO LATE (apparently I’m behind – mental note).  He held one of the few remaining boxes of cards up for me to see and asked what I thought.  I said they looked booshy.  It just popped out.  He looked at me like “maybe I just didn’t hear what she really said” as I have this habit of mumbling and he now attempts to re-process my words before he asks me to repeat myself.  This time, I had to repeat.  He just laughed.  I didn’t like them.  They were too in your face Merry Christmas don’t-you-feel-bad-you-didn’t-send-me-a-card-maybe-this-will-help-you-remember-next-year.  We are trying to send joy and sticky sweetness – not guilt.  There’s enough of that after you step on the scale on January 1st, your new resolution staring up at you, completely benign, but oh so menacing.  So as to where the word came from, other than out of my mouth, I have yet to determine.

Oh – this is Chloe .  She was in one of her moods.


2 Responses to “booshy??”

  1. 1 jenn October 26, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    That is a fabulous, fabulous photo. Chloe sounds like quite the character. 🙂

    Also I love the blog name. My husband and I have similar conversations, which usually result in him laughing a LOT and me just rolling my eyes.

  1. 1 revisiting “booshy” « booshy Trackback on September 6, 2009 at 2:46 pm

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